Artifical Grass Bolton

Gial Waham | 07/21/14

Most people are not big fans of mowing their lawn, so synthetic grass is great for them.

Alyssa May | 07/20/14

If you're tired of weeding and seeding and replacing brown spots on your lawn, check into our artificial lawn grass.

Bill Hall | 07/19/14

Pool builders can buy synthetic turf from us to put around their pools.

Chelsea Boydstun | 07/17/14

We have several styles of waterless grass for you to choose from.

Barbara Morales | 07/17/14

Our synthetic putting green material stimps similar to a real bent grass green.

Ana Blackwelder | 07/17/14

You can have a synthetic putting green installed indoors if you want.

Eric Harker | 07/16/14

Synthetic putting greens have come a long way in the last ten years.

Angela Decesare | 07/16/14

You can be a better golfer if you have an artificial golf green to practice on.

Dena Manzo | 07/15/14

If you can't grow grass in a spot, let us install artificial grass. Our synthetic lawn grass looks so real that most people can't tell it's not real until their standing on it.

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Henry Chipman | 07/14/14

You can wash off our synthetic lawn grass with your hose once in a while and it will look just like new.

Irving Nettles | 07/14/14

We offer the best styles of synthetic turf on the planet.

Cecilia Burnside | 07/12/14

If you're looking for artificial grass that look like real grass, you've come to the right place.

David Andrade | 07/10/14

You will find that our grass styles look just like the grass your neighbors have to cut. You can stop watering and fertilizing when you have synthetic turf installed.

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Candi Culhane | 07/09/14

If you need someone to install synthetic turf, call us. All the top golf pros have synthetic putting greens in their yards so they can practice every day.

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Aaron Amshoff | 07/07/14

Synthetic turf is being installed in professional ball parks across the country.

Chuck Cox | 07/05/14

If you want a synthetic putting green on your deck or patio, just let us know.

Gary Garris | 07/04/14

We sell artificial grass turf to contractors and home builders.

Cynthia York | 07/04/14

If you are a real estate agent and you're rehabbing a home, we can help you save time and money with synthetic lawn grass.

Gary Taras | 07/03/14

You won't have to replace brown spots in your lawn if you have fake grass.

Betina Sanders | 07/03/14

If you own apartment buildings, you can save a lot on maintenance fees if you have us install artificial grass lawns.

Diana Bielat | 07/03/14

We can install artificial grass outdoors, indoors, on boats, on rooftops, or anywhere else you want it.

Ivan Cameron | 07/03/14

If you have a storefront with grass that keeps dying, let us install synthetic grass for you. The price of artificial grass has come down substantially in the last several years.

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Gail Dahl | 07/01/14

We can put an artificial putting green at your office complex.

Dawn Hayes | 06/29/14

If you have dogs or cats, you may want to install artificial grass for them.

Barbara Guertin | 06/29/14

Some of the best golfers in the world have synthetic putting greens in their backyard so they can practice day or night.

Becky Butler | 06/29/14

When you have an artificial putting green installed in your backyard, you will see how much fun it will be. Our synthetic grass is so realistic looking that you can put it in your front yard and your neighbors may never know it's fake grass.

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