Artifical Grass Bolton

Cathy Breckenridge | 07/29/14

You can actually have a synthetic putting green in your backyard or in your house.

Craig Buell | 07/28/14

If you have a doggie daycare, you'll want to look into our synthetic turf for your dog runs.

Debra Benge | 07/27/14

If you want to save water, put our synthetic grass in roadway medians, at office complexes and government buildings.

Irene Breeden | 07/26/14

Most people are not big fans of mowing their lawn, so synthetic grass is great for them.

Debi Mcginnis | 07/24/14

You will find that our grass styles look just like the grass your neighbors have to cut.

Cal Wicker | 07/22/14

If you have a shady area where grass won't grow, let us install a synthetic lawn for you.

Betty Bailey | 07/21/14

Our synthetic putting green material stimps similar to a real bent grass green. If you're building a new home, consider putting in synthetic turf grass instead of real to save yourself a lot of time.

Abby Paz | 07/19/14

Our synthetic grass is made with crimped fibers that make it look very real.

Barbara Frankel | 07/17/14

Synthetic putting greens have come a long way in the last ten years.

Alan Langston | 07/15/14

If you need someone to install synthetic turf, call us.

Gail Galich | 07/14/14

You can be a better golfer if you have an artificial golf green to practice on.

Amy Clarkson | 07/14/14

More and more landscapers are using artificial turf in their landscape designs.

Chet Baran | 07/13/14

Our synthetic grass is so realistic looking that you can put it in your front yard and your neighbors may never know it's fake grass.

Betina Sanders | 07/12/14

When you have an artificial putting green installed in your backyard, you will see how much fun it will be.

Dawn Mcconachie | 07/11/14

If you want to know how to improve your putting skills, you should have us install a synthetic putting green in your yard.

Belinda Laycock | 07/11/14

If you need landscape ideas or outdoor design ideas, give us a call.

Barbara Nelson | 07/11/14

We are experts in installing synthetic putting green turf at residential locations at commercial properties.

Antonia Griffith | 07/09/14

If you are a real estate agent and you're rehabbing a home, we can help you save time and money with synthetic lawn grass.

David Bean | 07/09/14

If you want to help save the planet, you can save water by installing waterless grass.

Diana Cooper | 07/08/14

When you see our artificial grass you'll have a tough time telling it from real grass.

Barb Mcguire | 07/08/14

We can put an artificial putting green at your office complex.

Holly Brookstein | 07/08/14

We sell artificial grass turf to contractors and home builders.

Cari Mahoney | 07/06/14

If you have batting cages, consider using our synthetic turf because it wears well.

Cynthia Rucker | 07/04/14

All the top golf pros have synthetic putting greens in their yards so they can practice every day.

Barbara Guglielmo | 07/02/14

You can get rid of your lawn mower when you install artificial lawn grass in your yard.

Donna Bowman | 07/02/14

We have several styles of waterless grass for you to choose from.

Donna Bonfiglio | 07/02/14

If you own apartment buildings, you can save a lot on maintenance fees if you have us install artificial grass lawns.

Cynthia Vanegas | 06/30/14

The price of artificial grass has come down substantially in the last several years.

Anne Marvak | 06/29/14

Synthetic turf is being installed in professional ball parks across the country.

Debra Dunlap | 06/27/14

You can have a synthetic putting green installed indoors if you want.

Dave Schmio | 06/26/14

Synthetic turf grass is used at many golf courses around the country. We can install synthetic putting green in backyards or even at golf courses.

Cecilia Tommos | 06/25/14

We can install artificial grass at your office building or apartment complex.

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